In this article we profile the The Health Law Alliance, a specialized healthcare boutique with a team of experts in government investigations, PBM audits, payor disputes, licensing board matters, and regulatory advice. Industry peers note the extensive legal experience of the firm's founding partner and the diverse expertise of the team, positioning the firm to provide strategic and pragmatic solutions for clients facing challenges in the healthcare sector.

Former Frier Levitt Chair, United Health and McKesson Chief, and federal and state prosecutors establish Health Law Alliance, a specialized healthcare boutique for government investigations, PBM audits, payor disputes, licensing board matters, and regulatory advice.

The firm’s founding partner, Anthony Mahajan, has decades of legal experience in healthcare, having been employed by a National Law Journal Top 20-ranked international law firm, the Department of Justice (DOJ) as an Assistant United States Attorney, McKesson Corp. as Chief Counsel and Vice President, United Health Group as Chief Compliance Officer, and most recently as Chair of Frier Levitt’s White Collar & Government Investigations practice.

In addition, the firm employs the former General Counsel of a publicly traded company, and former New York law firm corporate attorney to assist clients with corporate transactions and restructurings, a state prosecutor with extensive courtroom experience and jury trials, and Super Lawyer “Rising Stars” with experience defending entities throughout the healthcare delivery chain, including health systems, laboratories, pharmacies, physicians, MSOs, and individuals and investors, in criminal and civil matters and administrative proceedings.

As quoted in Law360, peers acknowledge our “more than two decades of crisis-management and extensive federal trial experience,” which provides clients with “strategic perspective and pragmatic solutions” as they “identify and manage risk, remediate significant instances of noncompliance, and respond to regulatory scrutiny.” In short, the firm’s mission is simple: use unmatched experience and insight to defend our clients against insurance conglomerates, the federal government, and state agencies. We used to work for them. Now let us fight for you. Contact us today for a consultation.

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