OTC Enforcement Update and PBM Audit Alert

On the heels of federal criminal investigations into OTC card usage, payors are now auditing OTC processes and imposing severe sanctions, including network termination, for non-compliance. Pharmacies should be wary of increased enforcement in this area and take steps to proactively reduce audit risk.

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Pharmacy Alert: Texas Board of Pharmacy Investigations

Texas pharmacies are facing increasing scrutiny by the Board of Pharmacy, which is working closely with the DEA and other federal agencies, to investigate regulatory violations and Medicaid claims.

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Walgreens Must Face Lawsuit Based on False Prior Authorizations

The federal government continues to bring enforcement actions relating to false prior authorizations given the high-priced medications typically involved. In this case involving Walgreens, we take a deeper dive into potential theories of liability and the use of civil investigative demands and subpoenas in healthcare fraud cases.

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